Friday, March 15, 2013

Take A Stitch Tuesday (Weeks 1 & 2)

Last week I started the Take A Stitch Tuesday stitchers challenge. The TAST challenge started in January 2012 and I am going back to the beginning. So even though I will be behind (as of this posting the challenge is at stitch #58) I am still excited for this encouragement to keep me regularly stitching. I love doing embroidery and it is always a good day when I get/make time to do it. So why not aim for everyday! (*aim* being the key word here)

Since the challenge is only once per week, I plan to make each week's stitch a kind of daily meditation through the week. My goal is to create a body of work that is just for me. Inspired by Million Little Stitches, I intend to turn my sampler into a fiber book. It all feels very ambitious for me, but here goes...

Week #1 (beginning last week):

fly stitch

I linked each stitch together to create a forest of tall ferns. I experiemented with some silk thread I had which has irregular thicknesses. It was frustrating to work with and I am not super impressed with how it turned out. But the practice of learning the stitch was fun, and overall I'm pleased with the design.

And since I started last week, I began this week doing stitch #2: buttonhole stitch

Here you can see the stitches from both weeks featured.

And in addition to bordering the page with buttonhole stitch (currently researching the difference between blanket stitch and buttonhole stitch), I used what I think is buttonhole stitch to embroider a spiral in the center of this grateful heart.

This page in my fiber book is still a work in progress, but here it is so far. Incorporating Weeks 1 & 2 of the Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge.