Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Evolution of a Hanky

A dear friend of mine just lost her father suddenly and she has been thrown into an ocean of deep grief. As a way to hold her in my heart and to feel close to her, I started working on embroidering my first handkerchief. A gift for her. A labor of love.

One beautiful sunny day my husband took the kids sledding in the mountains, and I had the house to myself for almost an entire day. It was glorious!

I am fairly new to this art form and find myself falling more and more in love with the process with each piece I create.

From deciding on a design and choosing the colors...

to transferring the design to the chosen fabric...

and starting to place the stitches...
I love it all! 

And this day, I got to spread everything out on the kitchen table.
With Pandora playing on my iPhone, a mug of delicious tea, and no interruptions...it was incredible!
Then, as the days passed and I was able to steal a moment here and a moment there, I finished it.
It went off in a care package last Friday.
With love from Bellingham to Seattle.

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