Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gratitude & Abundance

  • When I close my eyes, I see images that inspire me to create. I am in a flow of creativity in my life right now that feels incredible! There are more ideas than I could ever have time to produce.

  • My back is on the mend. I have accessed a gift inside all of this pain. And I hope it will last beyond when the pain is gone. (Be gentle with yourself Kerry.)

  • Turns out communicating clearly pays off. Even with a 5 year old! I underestimate her sometimes. The capacity of my daughter's heart astounds me.

  • A friend is buying some of my work. 3 embroidered prayer pockets. I had a huge multi-day process over creating a price for them. She didn't blink an eye when I finally landed on something.

  • I vacuumed the living room rug today. I won't even say how long it's been. Then me and my son lied down on our bellies and read "Little Blue Truck Leads the Way".

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